Trademark Refusals – national intellectual property assistance in refusals and office actions, worldwide

Trademark is a service of local, national assistance in all the types of provisional refusal, office actions and equivalent procedures: total or partial refusals, in the different levels and systems of trademark registration:

1. in national trademark registration procedures;

2. in  WIPO refusals for the international trademark registration requests;

3. in  OHIM refusals for the Community (CTM) trademark registration requests.

Each country and trademark registration system has its own particularities. The reasons of refusals differ according to the local legislation of each country and/or treaty. Some countries formulate refusals only on the absolute grounds of and some on relative grounds as well, opposing similar and/or identical previous trademarks or rights.

The fact that we are here for you in case of such international trademark refusals is important, as there are countries in which the time to file a response to the trademark refusal is really short.

We have specialized personnel to deal with trademark refusals, due to any cause opposed by the local office.

As our clients in these cases are mostly patent attorneys and lawyers, we will send all our information to the patent attorney or lawyers who instructed us, acting by the highest ethics towards our colleagues. We are offering encouraging fees, without any hidden additional costs.

Even in the countries in which there is no shown cost, please ask from us an estimation of costs, as it is possible that the price in a certain country suffered some changes.

Please use the contact page to order a trademark refusal assistance service in any of the listed countries.